I will be okay

2011-07-20 @ 19:41:05
So many times the same thing comes up. I had hoped that everything disappeared. I do not remember. I just want to forget. Survive without remembering what you did. There will be suppressed. Increasingly over time. But there has been some time now? Five years have passed. I remember it like yesterday. I remember every second. Every minute of the night. I was scared. I was only 13 years. I seem to remember the happy and not sad. You may never repress what happened. It might only be stored for longer into the brain and comes up when you get reminded? Maybe it just comes up sometimes? Or perhaps it was an experience for us. An experience of the poor but still no good? Maybe I need to do about what happened to the positive? But how?! It could have changed my life, my lifestyle. I'm afraid. Afraid it will happen again. I was there then, I will respond better now that I have experienced it once before? I do not think I'm scared. It devastated me so much. It took time to build trust. A trust that is not completed. One is reminded though you do not want. One is reminded of it happening again. Maybe not us, but others close around us. Put an end to all that horrible. I would no longer be afraid. I do not want to be reminded. I remember everything that a good thing.


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